We've built a powerful platform to empower Creators and enhance their reach

Digital Streaming

  • Set your rules

    Choose out of 3 options: Free, Follow or Locked.


    Cool responsive Video and Audio player and a simple and effecive PDF reader

    Own your rights

    Reports and analytics on Your streaming at Your disposal with a click

  • Free

    Give access to Your contents to everyone


    Access to contents dependent on Following You


    Access to contents dependent on an action You ask for

  • Share Easily

    Phygital (online and offline) set to suit Your every need

    Go Viral

    Your Nufaco contents distributed digitally to Spotify, Amazon, Apple music…

    Gain Control

    Your Contents, Your Art… it's time You Control them!


Physical Distribution

  • Cards

    One Swipe and You have Your Fans Landing on your player!

    Banner Roll-Up

    Perfect for a gig! Give who came to see You the access to Your streaming


    Use them on Your Vinyls, CDs. Give access to Your streaming

  • The "Unique Code"

    Each Card/Sticker/Banner has a Unique code attached…track what's working where

    Grow Your Fan Base

    Each Physical tool is a potential new fan who follows you in Nufaco

    Own your rights

    Reports and analytics on Physical tools reach/use at your disposal with a click

  • Card Pro

    Swipe it!

    Card Medium

    Read the QR Code!

    Card Lite

    Read the QR Code!



  • The Heart Of Nufaco

    Campaign is how You decide what to share with whom

    Multiple Campaigns

    Taylor each one of them to a specific audience/event

    Own your rights

    Reports and analytics on Your campaigns at Your disposal with a click

  • Set your rules

    Choose among: Free, Follow or Locked for each track in each campaign

    Scheduled Release

    Choose Your release date… release one or more track each time (i.o. full album)

    Taylor Your Campaign

    Keep the contents taylored for Your most active Fans o for Your Followers

  • Add: Merch

    Add to the campaign Merch to sell (T-shirt, CD, Shopper…)

    Add: Patreon

    Add to the Campaign the project You are looking to patreon

    Add: External links to your socials

    Let your Fans easily reach You on Your socials



  • Why Stripe

    Stripe is a globally known and secure service (https://stripe.com)

    Get paid Directly & Timely

    With Your Stripe account in Nufaco You will cash in directly and timely

    Own your rights

    Reports and analytics on Your revenues at Your disposal with a click

  • Recognize Collaborators

    Automatically share revenues with Your collaborators

    Share with Sponsors

    Automatically share revenues with the Brand You are working with

    One Shop

    Get all You have to offer in one simple & cool place to boost Your business

  • Delegate

    Give access to Your team manager and have him manage nufaco for You


    Manage Your artists leveraging the multiplier effect


    Maximize Your reach and build Your loyal crowd base